Auckland Radio Trust - BBC World Service - 810AM

We broadcast the following New Zealand programmes as well as those of the BBC World Service, Live from London.

Food and Wine - Hosted by Christopher Price from Food Marketing Ltd.
A three-minute Food & Wine feature with the objective of providing listeners with up to date information about local seasonal produce. Easy to prepare meals & entertaining suggestions with recommended wines to match.

We cover local Auckland Farmers markets, new local & imported food products, new wine releases & useful culinary or wine tips including health information about proven functional foods such as Salmon & omega 3 fish oils or foods with a low GI (glycemic index). The programme will have an emphasis on enjoying good fresh New Zealand food for a healthy lifestyle.

"Food and Wine" is broadcast at 1pm on both Saturday and Sunday
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Sweet Ingredients - NZ Music - Presented by Matthew Crawley and produced by Shannon Fowler
Your host Matthew Crawley has been obsessed with local music his entire life. He began hosting shows on student radio from the age of 16, and has since gone on to run venues such as The Golden Dawn, has a touring company called Strange News, and still spends his rent money on buying records. Producer Shannon Fowler is perhaps best known as the musical mind behind Tom Lark, but he's also a well loved producer for other artists.

Sweet Ingredients is your weekly injection of music from across Aotearoa, from up to the minute releases to old classics, and anything else that takes Matthew and Shannon's fancy at the time!

"Sweet Ingredients" is Broadcast on Saturday at 6.30pm and Wednesday at 11.30pm
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New Zealand Book Club - Presented and compiled by Doris Mousdale
Doris is arguably New Zealand's leading Book and Literature commentator She has been in the book trade for over thirty years both here and in Britain. After 15 years as National Book Market Manager and Book Promotions Manager with a major New Zealand book chain.

The programme is a mix of reviews and interviews of books from New Zealand and around the world with a look at the local and international best-sellers as well as introducing new local authors.

"New Zealand Book Club" is Broadcast on Sunday at 7.30pm and Thursday at 11.30pm
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