Auckland Radio Trust - BBC World Service - 810AM

Auckland Radio Trust - Trustees

Martin Gillman
Currently Head of Media at and Inspire Global Networks, Martin has enjoyed a long career in the commercial side of media in London and New Zealand . He considers the BBC to be at the pinnacle of global broadcasting and it sets a standard to which all others aspire.

Alan Sherlock
Alan is a partner in the Auckland Radio Trust’s original sponsor, Hesketh Henry Lawyers, where he specialises in insurance and maritime litigation. He is also a keen listener to the programmes of the BBC World Service.

Chris Greive
After spending 10 years in London, where his love of the BBC was cemented, Chris returned to New Zealand to further his career in travel as the managing director of Flight Centre NZ. During this time he came into contact with Vince Geddes and was instrumental in keeping the rebroadcast of the BBC World Service on air. Now retired Chris is a company director who enjoys travelling and listening to the BBC World Service.

Jenifer Hunt
Jenifer has extensive experience in sponsorship, marketing and commercial partnership management in the media and sport sectors, heading the Production Funding and Sponsorship team at TVNZ for many years and prior to that working in marketing and promotions roles in commercial radio. As an avid news & current affairs listener, and passionate about quality journalism, Jenifer is a keen supporter of the BBC World Service. She enjoys working with the Auckland Radio Trust to ensure that in-depth international news content is available to a loyal New Zealand audience